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Welcome to Shanghai Chushang Machinery Co., LTD, my company specializing in the production of microwave vacuum drying equipment, continuous cryogenic microwave drying drying equipment, paper tube microwave drying equipment, the honeycomb ceramics finalize the fast-food box microwave heating sterilization equipment, can bring to our site investigation, negotiate, test, we will provide you with satisfactory solutions and sophisticated equipment.
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      The company is engaged in the design of microwave drying sterilization equipment, vacuum dryer, drying equipment, production and installation of professional firms. The Company over the years accumulated a microwave drying sterilization equipment, extensive experience in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper products, wood, etc., application of vacuum drying equipment, through extensive exchanges with foreign counterparts and learning, creating our own batch of high quality and professional technical personnel and highly experienced design, manufacturing, commissioning, installation team and perfect after-sales service system.

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Shanghai Chushang Machinery Co., Ltd.
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